K9 - an exclusive Social Identity for your Dog. Can be sold with a personalized yourdog.K9.tel dog tag or collar which links to their personal page and owner contact info.

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Find another dog in your neighbourhood that has a www.K9.tel identity.
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More Information

More Information
Better than a phone number
With a K9.tel identity for your dog, you don't need to put a phone number on the tag or collar. When you move, the identity stays the same, the contents of the page change.
Do you make dog collars?
We are looking for artisans who make custom dog collars to partner with us to promote use of K9.tel.
Give your dog its own social identity on the web for FREE!

www.K9.tel becomes your dog's identity. Your dog is listed in our directory with instructions on how to return it to its owner if lost.

Create a .tel dog tag complete with QR code that embeds your address or phone number.

If your dog gets lost, with its www.K9.tel dog tag, you can be easily contacted.

Make your dog part of the K9.tel community today.

For just $10 per year, your canine pal gets a UNIQUE spot on the web like


It's an entire subdomain page just for your pet. Complete the identity with pictures and added details, even a map to show the way home.

First-come, first-served. Only 2,000 of these special spots are available.
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